Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Annual Digital Awards Dinner 2023 by Pertubuhan Generasi Digital Malaysia (PGDM)

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera

Pertubuhan Generasi Digital Malaysia once again held an annual dinner this year. This year dinner took place at Hotel Tenera Bangi. I was lucky enough to be invited to the dinner and get to witness cool and genius people receiving awards for their amazing achievement throughout the year. The dinner was attended by more than 500 guests from local and abroad.

PGDM Annual Digital Award is an event that be held yearly by PGDM where they are celebrating companies in and outside the country that are building their profile in the business field. Not just that, it is also to give recognition to those companies or agencies who have provided excellent achievement and service to the general and local community.

Before we proceed further, let me tell you a little bit about PGDM. PGDM is a Non-Governmental Organization that was approved in 2018 by the Malaysian Registrar of Societies (ROS) with the objective "TOWARDS A DIGITAL LITERACY SOCIETY AND THE DIGITAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE GLOBAL ECONOMY" besides not forgetting to try to carry out charity and welfare work for orphan institutions , Tahfiz centers and groups of unfortunate veteran artists and art.

Previously, several community programs such as free assistance according to PGDM's ability periodically, sponsorship, training and education at selected charities have been made by PGDM in Malaysia as well as in Indonesia. It is expected that in the near future, PGDM hopes to implement programs in the form of digital economy and organizing events in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey and other countries in phases.

There are 4 main awards of the night. Below are the recipients :

1. BIGCORP-A BERHAD - Popular Digital Award Young Entrepreneur Talent of The Year (Mr. V Devindran - CEO)

Beauty & Health product named Litna. Since 2000 Litna has been providing quality products using Natural Herbal, non toxic, free of chemicals, artificials & preservatives for best in Beauty & Health greatest gifts nature to all , healthy body , radiant beauty & healthy life.

2. SIMEBAX HOLDINGS SDN BHD - Popular Digital Award For International Logistics Company (Dato SK - CEO) 

Transportation company Sime Bax worldwide Logistics specialising in providing transportation expanding the logistics to Air Cargo forwarding & inter states trailer transport services. 

3. PANDOSOFT SDN BHD - Popular Digital Award for Influential Entrepreneur in Blockchain Technology (Mr Shairul Abd Razak & Mr Izwan Kamal)

They are Onestop Multi Model Streaming Blockchain Platform Company which is powered by community that has demonstrated exceptional performance in this industry and have made a significant impact through the contributions to advancing the technology.

4. KADIS INTERNATIONAL BERHAD - Popular Digital Award for International Projects and Development Financing (Mr Abdul Kadis bin Engkok - President)

KADIS International Group is an investment & finance company that work hand in hand with corporations , institutions & governments to provide the solutions for each of their clients' needs.

Apart from this highlighted awards, there are many other awards as well. Congratulations to all the recipients. You guys really are amazing !

I also would like to bring this to your attention about PandaSoft Sdn Bhd. They have been so great with their achievement in such a short of time. Though they are some how new to the industry but the impact is so big whereby they use blockchain-based as a platform to decentralise everything that can improve video streaming without neglecting subscribers' privacy. 

I couldn't explain much about what are they doing as it is very technical and tech savvy which i am not really well verse to. But by hearing their explanation of the project they did, i was amaze. No wonder they got the award.because they really deserve it. A good change for the future. 

Congratulations again to all award recipients. Keep up the good work !

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