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Organic Hair Cream Bath at SIMRAN BEYOND BEAUTY

Good Day Everyone !

24 Sept, i tried one hair treatment called Organic Hair Bath at Simran Beyond Beauty, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Organic Hair Cream Bath is a treatment 100% using organic ingredients. In fact, all services in Simran Beyond Beauty are all using organic ingredients. And the most special part is, all the concoction will be made in front of client. All the ingredients will be blend on the spot. Fascinating, isn't ?

The treatment could take 70 - 90 minutes. Before coming for the treatment, i was advised not to wash my hair as they want to see the condition of my hair. I was very insecure going through the day without washing my hair. Hahaha. But for good reason, why not kan.

I even covered my hair with cap because of the insecurity of not washing my hair on that day. Hahaha

Once i arrived there, they welcomed me with warm smiles. I waited awhile at the lounge and couple of minutes later, Ms Jee, the owner of the beauty centre, greeted me. She explained roughly about the treatment and the process. I chose to have a treatment for hair loss and dandruff coz i had the problems since as long as i can remember.

I took off my clothes and wore a robe that they had prepared for me. At first, i was kinda confuse, why should i removed my clothes. Only later then i understand why they asked me to wear the robe. It was because tak nak bagi kotor baju yang kita pakai. That is why they prepared robes for clients to wear.

So first thing first, she explained to me once again about the treatment. She showed me the ingredients for the concoction, then blended all together in a blender. You can smell the aroma produced by the concoction. The smell was so strong. It smelled like a house of a lady in their confinement period which I was totally fine with it.

The main ingredient for this concoction is pumpkin. The iron, magnesium and zinc in pumpkin will help strengthen the hair and hair growth. Other mixtures including flowers and herbs which help in cooling down the scalp. And those two brown color on the right is rich with vitamin c, iron and minerals. Blended all together with yogurt and taraaa, turned into a paste like the picture shown above.

At first, the beautician put this oil (Which i can't recall what oil mix was that) to my hair. I believe this organic home made concoction is used for dandruff treatment. It's totally organic and can be done on kids and teenagers as well.

Let it rest for 10 minutes (i guess), then he washed my hair before applying the blended concoction. Once my hair was ready, only then he applied the concoction to my hair. It was cold once it touched my scalp.

He was not just applied it to my hair, he massaged the area as well. According to him, it is to ensure the blood circulation on our head so that it's running smoothly. I fall asleep while he was massaging me which showed how good the massage was.

After applied the concoction to my hair, they let it rest for about 15 minutes to ensure all the ingredients being absorbed into my scalp. While waiting, he even massaged my upper back and my hands. I really enjoyed every seconds of it.

It felt so good i tell ya.

Later, they put this steamer and steamed my hair for another 15 minutes.

Once it done, they rinsed my hair and blow-dried it. 

He even massaged my head once again 

For those who wants to try organic treatment for your hair, you must give it a try. Simran Beyond Beauty is the first ever in Malaysia to offer truly unique organic hair spa services. In fact, they are the only one who practices hair spa using organic ingredients. And it gives clients with fantastic result which you can see from the first session. You really can see the different. I can see mine, less hair fall and surprisingly almost no dandruff. To get a better result you should regularly come once a week to do the treatment for the first six weeks.

Besides hair treatment service, Simran Beyond Beauty is also offering other services too. 

Here are the details for those who is interested to give it a try


54 A, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Waze : Simran Beyond Beauty
Operating hours : from 11 am until 9 pm, are closed every Tuesday
Tel : 03-77253897
Instagram : simranb_beauty

You HAVE to make an appointment to do the treatment here. Cannot walk in tau. All services are rendered by prior appointments. For Muslim women, no worries. Because private room is available to do your treatment. Besides, you can choose whether you want female or male beautician to do the treatment. Jadi tak perlu pusing-pusing fikir pasal aurat okay. They are aware of your concern. Very thoughtful, isn't ?

These are the quote for Organic Hair Cream bath treatment at Simran Beyond Beauty

Normal rate : RM 400

Now they got promotion going on so,

For female : RM 180
For male : RM 150 (Including a hair cut)

So hurry up guys while it lasts !


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