Monday, October 9, 2017

Little Collins Cakery and Cafe

Good day everyone !

Last Saturday, i went to Little Collins Cakery & Cafe to try out their new menu. Little Collins is located in Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. Waze je Little Collins, confirm jumpa.

The name is inspired by a street name in Melbourne. Frances Voon, who is the owner of Little Collins, used to live in Melbourne for about 5 years. She is a graphic designer by trait. She designed all the posters and wallpapers in her shop. It started as a bakery, but then everything went kelam kabut, so she decided to focus on just doing cakes. Little Collins offers more than just a cake. She wanted a designed cake that we can have everyday. At one point in her company, all her hired chefs left. Since then, she had to go and learn how to do her own cake. She is pro at it now. You can tell by just looking at her decorating the cake and all the cakes made by her at Little Collins's instagram page.

Frances in action

My first impression as i stepped in to the cafe was wow. Sangat cantik okay ! As you enter the cafe, you can see beautiful cakes inside the glass counter. There is also a photobooth, i guess. I don't know whether that is a photobooth or not, but it looks like one. Very nice backdrop and cake replicas. So you can take pictures there.

Wallpapers designed by Frances herself. Multi talented person she is. 

Besides cake, Little Collins serves a good food for breakfast and lunch. Take a look at the menu down below. All the prices are there. The portion for each dishes is kinda big, so it is reasonable. Memang akan kenyang sangat, even just makan satu menu sahaja.

They served us this Banana French Toast, Triple D and Cheesy Turkey Pizza. These were the complimentary dishes that we got to taste, together with the desserts.

Banana French Toast was quite sweet. But it tasted good.

Cheezy Turkey Pizza is a MUST have. It was so yummmmmmyyyyyyyy !!!! Thank God i had to consider other bloggers as well. Or else, i could finish all the 8 slices by myself. Hahahaha. Please order this if you come here okay. Compulsory !!

Yang nie pon sedap sangat ! 3 layers of sandwich with roast chicken, turkey bacon and egg. I was already full eating these 3 appetizers. Belum makan main course meal lagi nie.

I ordered Chocolate Banana Smoothie, while my sister had Oreo Vanilla Smoothie. Both tasted good, of course. And they were quite sweet. If you plan to eat desserts, i recommend you to choose other beverages that are less sweet.

Each of us got to choose one main course meal and i chose to have Spicy Seafood Olio Spaghetti. I'm a big fan of olio spaghetti. So i don't want to miss this one. For those who loves spicy food, i recommend this olio spaghetti. I was quite surprised by the level of the spiciness because usually any restaurants i go, the dishes they offer do not taste spicy at all although they said it is. But this one, it is definitely spicy. But the spiciness is just fine, suits with my taste bud. My younger sister loves this one and i love it too.

My younger sister had this Chicken Chop with Hickory BBQ sauce. All restaurants that serve chicken chop, the taste is always the same. Nothing much different, really. But at Little Collins, the chicken chop is different. I mean the sauce. The sauce made it to the next level. It has this unique taste, i don't know how to explain it with words, but what can i say that the taste of the sauce was crazily delicious !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Banyak tanda seru means penegasan yang terlampau. So maksudnya sedap sangat.

And the time was finally arrived. It was time for the desserts. yeay !

They served us this cute little ice cream cake, Unicorn Cake pops. It was too cute to be eaten. Sayang sangat nak makan. Tak sampai hati nak musnahkan kecomelan ais krim nie.

Assorted tarts. My favourite one is the Banoffee tart. The one yang nampak macam ada serdak milo tu. That is my favourite. I love the taste.

And we got to taste the newly launched cheesecake, with three different flavors. The first one on the left is the Nutella Cheesecake (I love this one, anything with nutella is love), second one is the Lemon Cheesecake and the third one on the right is the Rainbow Cheesecake.

Bloggers in action. The cheesecakes were the star of the day 

I enjoyed every single meals. They were so delicious. If you are searching for a cozy cafe that serves good food, coffee and cakes, Little Collins KL is the answer. Here are the details of the place.

Little Collins Cakery & Cafe
17 Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Waze : Little Collins Mont Kiara
Open daily from 9 am till 8 pm
Tel : 03-6204 9986
Email :

One of the customer's customize cake. So pretty ! 

Those who wish to order cake or customize their cake, you may do so by visiting the website at or you may just drop by the store at Mont Kiara to purchase a cake on the spot.

 The 5-inch cakes, feeds up to 4-6 people

Since this is a fancy designed cake, so lot of customers want to taste the cake first before they ordered. So Frances came out with the idea of cake-tasting box, in which customers can buy this tasting box at RM42. The cake-tasting box consists of Little Collins's best-seller flavours. It is difficult to find the perfect cake for an important occasion, so providing options and customization is Little Collin's strong suit. So, make your order now !

Thank you for this cake-tasting box, Frances ! =)

For those yang nak tempah kek ready made online, boleh guna promocode "zharif15" untuk mendapatkan potongan 15%. Boleh order di website Little Collins ----> .

You may visit and follow their instagram page @littlecollinskl to see more creative designed cakes. #LittleCollinsKL

Thank you Jessica for the invitation and thank you Frances for having me. It was a pleasure. Thank you !


  1. The shop is so #aestheticallypleasing and the cakes look good too! :D

  2. aduyai.. menggoda sungguh makanannya.. kek pun boleh jadi comel.. hehehe :D


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