Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Trip to Atlanta


I went to Atlanta last Saturday (30 August) with the international students. It was held by the International Club of Georgia College. We went there by GC's shuttle. Gathering at Bone house (International Students Center) early in the morning. Sign a few documents and ready to go. The journey took two hours from Milledgeville to Atlanta. 3 weeks stuck in here and finally i had a chance to go outside of Milledgeville. It felt so good i tell ya.


The purpose of this trip was just only for shopping, shopping and shopping. I thought we were going to visit nice places around Atlanta, unfortunately, we were not. Sigh. But still okey, at least i went somewhere outside Milledgeville. Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia so it is a big city. Orang pelik-pelik semua korang akan jumpa kat sini. 

We went to Lenox Square. A very big shopping mall.

Around 11.30 in the morning, we arrived at Lenox Square. Do whatever we want here but make sure to gather back at 5 pm. So first thing first is finding a restaurant to eat. We went to the food court and started to order foods and eat. While me, foods will always be my biggest problem here. Being a Muslim in America is the most challenging part i would say. Plus, the place i'm living, there is no Muslim association there. So memang tawakal alallah jelah when it comes to foods. 

Praise to Allah, i met a woman with hijab at the food court and i approached her and asked her "Where can i get Halal food here ?". That was the beginning of our friendship. She is a woman with two beautiful kids. Her daughter names Hawa, 16, while her son names Charleaf, 12. She said, there is no halal food in Lenox Square so she suggest me to eat seafood and vegetarian foods. 

I actually were expecting to eat meat or chicken here in Atlanta. I have not eat any meat since i arrived in America so i kinda miss it. So hopefully by coming to Atlanta i can get halal meat to eat. Unfortunately, there is no halal food in Lenox Square. So i said goodbye to Aunt Nadia and her kids then went to restroom. After went to the restroom, i met Aunt Nadia again. She was searching for me. I was surprised, i thought they were gone. 

Lemme introduce, Aunt Nadia with her children, Hawa and Charleaf =)

She said, she can bring me to Halal restaurant but it takes 20 minutes journey from Lenox Square and suprisingly, i followed her and her family. I knew i should not easily go with stranger who i just met. But somehow, she seems very sincere to help me and i believe she is nice. So i followed her. We started having conversation in the car and get to know each other. She is origin from Thailand and married to american guy and living in America. 

She brought me to this one place i can't remember what the name of the place. It was like a "little India" in Atlanta. In the shopping mall there is one halal restaurant there. 

I feel like crying when i see that halal sign >___<

I ate Chicken Beriyani Rice with Mango Lassi. Ohmaigad, it feels sooooooooo damn good !!! I can't describe the feeling that finally i ate chicken after 3 weeks been here in America. I feel like crying T__T

Al-marhum Nasi Beriyani Ayam dan Mango Lassi

She treated me lunch and bought me chicken roll for dinner too. She knew that i will have nothing to buy for dinner in way back to Milledgeville. What a nice heart =) I feel very bless to meet her here. 

Then she brought me to a mosque to perform Zohor prayer. Uwaaaaaaa ! It's been 3 weeks i did not go to mosque. Finally ! There is no mosque in Milledgeville. The nearest mosque is in Atlanta.

Then, she sent me back to Lenox Square. At 3 pm, i arrived at Lenox Square and searched for my friends. Thank God they still there coz i did not see the GC's shuttle at the place it was park. So i thought they were leaving already. Huh 

So i said goodbye to Aunt Nadia and insyaAllah, we will meet again. She wants to help me while i'm here. Thank you so much Aunt Nadia for the lunch and the dinner. I can't thank you enough. May Allah bless you and your family. 

So i had only 2 hour left to do some shopping. As you know, i love shopping very much but here in Atlanta, the price tag made me cry. I bought two t-shirts that cost me 25 dollar. 25 USD times 3.30 ringgit Malaysia, perghhhhhhhh !!! Very-very expensive kot. RM 41.25 for a shirt ? That's crazy. 

Let's do a little tour in Lenox Square. I did not took a lot of picture. Too lazy to be honest. 

Lily Alridge looks stunning as always !

Me is Forever 21

We were running out of time. The clock was almost at 5 that time. Quite cheap jugak Forever 21 nie. We have to queue to pay. A long long queue. So forget it. Lets go back. 

Instead of sleeping in the shuttle, Me and some of my friends from different country were having conversation about almost everything. From foods to culture, to traditional games and then change the subject to love story. Lol

We reached Milledgeville at 8 something. Almost maghrib that time. So i ate my dinner, the chicken roll that Aunt Nadia bought for me, omnomnom ! Dapnyaaaa =D

Haruslah selfie satu dua kali kan, tiga empat kali pon boleh. Eh 

A historic moment so i should take a selfie while i'm eating those. So yeah, excuse my selfie =D
Hopefully there will be more trip after this. I want more and more !


  1. Sedih gila lama tak makan ayam n daging. Sabar je la ye, tu dah tau tempat senang la nak cari pasni. Eh, bila kau bukak braces ke aku dah baca entri ko tapi lupa. Hehe.

    1. 2 jam kot dari tempat aku nak ke atlanta tu.. memang idok lah aku nak pergi..dengan xde kenderaan lg.. sini no public transport.. org US prefer guna kereta sendiri sbb tu public transport kureng kt sini...

      since februari yg lalu aku tanggal braces...

  2. Seronok kan bila dapat jumpa makanan halal! Rasa nak menangis je selalu. Aku tak sabar nak makan ayam goreng ni :D

    Muak sudah asyik makan western food and seafood je.

    1. kann ! rasa terharu sangat jumpa simbol halal tu.. lagi2 bila dh lama gila tak makan ayam or daging >___<
      sini seafood pon jarang tau.. sabor jelah hari2 makan western food n vegetarian food... but still sedap lah. Alhamdulillah


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