Sunday, January 11, 2015

A journey to remember

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone !

My America journey was over last December and i really miss every seconds of it. A very unforgettable journey.

When they put me in Georgia College & State University, honestly i was not happy at all. Because of what, because i didn't put GCSU in my list of universities i would like to attend in the application. So i have to do new research about the university, about the subjects they offer and the facilities they provided. I found that GCSU is in the middle of nowhere. Plus, no public transportation, no mosque nearby, no halal food can be found. So i was quite upset with it.

But, that was not long, it turns out, i fall in love with it. I have no regret. I proudly say, i am so bless and grateful to be part of GCSU family. If I weren't there, i would not meet friends that i have now. Friends that bring happiness and joy to my America journey. They are amazing !

I was at 2. Spot me if you can =)

It was quite scary at first because i was all alone there, no other Malaysian students at all. Surprisingly, i was their first EVER Malaysian student. Yelah kan, it has been 125 years kot, tak kan lah satu pon tak ada. So i was quite shocked lah, more to honor actually. Kalau tak ditempatkan kat sini, maka tak dapat lah title tu kan.

Staying at a place where no one knows you, no one from your kind, somewhat makes me feel happy, happy with the freedom. Freedom to do whatever i want. Plus, America is a freedom country which no one gives a shit to whatever you do. So i was quite happy with that. I did a lot of things, things that i never do in Malaysia. Well, it's not something illegal for sure. I think as long as you know the limits, then you will be fine in wherever place you go. That's what i hold.

This journey created a lot of memories. I am so blessed with the opportunity that God gave me. Thank you so much to my home university, they made this happened. It was once in a lifetime experience.

Next 10 posts or more, i will update about my America journey. My November stories wasn't finished yet. I still have 3 more stories for November and a lot of stories for December need to update since i update none in December. I will try to finish all of them by this month or by next month. Even January already got something need to post. So i need to keep up, Zharif please don't postpone anymore.

See ya !


  1. You're lucky for having such amazing chance. Envy!

    1. i'm not lucky, i'm blessed =P hihi
      thank you Fawzy =)

  2. Replies
    1. jangan terkejut tau nanti, aku nie pon tengah kumpul kekuatan utk publish.. bhahahaha

  3. and you know what, your english is improved ! hehehehehehehehe Thank you for the postcard zharif. Very menghargai ^_^

    1. thank you haikal =)
      no big deals. teringat lak kat haikal time kat sana. huhu


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