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Halloween is celebrated every end of october. So kira entri nie macam dah agak basi berkulat-kulat lah. Right now i'm in Thanksgiving break so ada lah sikit masa nak update.

Lets we start with carving pumpkin or nama glamour nya Jack-o'-lantern. That was my first time carving pumpkin. We didn't celebrate Halloween in Malaysia so there is no carving-carving thing like this in Malaysia. Plus i think it is really hard to find pumpkin in Malaysia. Even we had, the pumpkin is not as big as the pumpkin here in America. I think, to get pumpkin here is very easy. Especially during Halloween season.

So on October 28th, i carved pumpkin for the first time.

Carving pumpkin was in process

Dek kerana kita nie first time, so they gave us instructions on how to do it. Firstly, we need to make a hole on the top/bottom of the pumpkin. Then after you did it, clear all the seeds and the lendir-lendir inside until it clean.

Biji dia boleh makan kot. Kumpul semua biji dia then bilas bersih-bersih lepastu bubuh dalam microwave. Alaa benda nie ada kot dekat Malaysia, cuma aku baru tahu benda tu merupakan biji pumpkin.


Then you draw whatever you want lah using the pencil or crayon i don't know what was that thing. They provided that for you so that you can draw first then carve. So that your pumpkin will look nice and very sedap mata memandanglah. Gitueee.

I was google-ing tau to get inspiration. Kemain semangat. If you are pro enough, you can just carve. But for me, i need to draw it first so that the outcome will look nice lah kan. I decided to make my pumpkin looks scary but at the same time looks cute. So acano tu ?

Taraaaaa !!! I think i nailed it =)

This was actually a contest. The Max (college's dining hall) held this event. It's free so why not kan. Kalau nak harap aku beli pumpkin tu semata nak carve, memang tak lah. 

So my pumpkin's name is LABU which means pumpkin in Malay language.

After this carving event, we went to Walmart to buy costumes. They started to sell Halloween things since late September. So it was almost run out of stocks. There was not much size left.

Since we can't try the costume, we took hours to pick one. Although it almost ran out of stock that time, but still there was a lot of choices.

So i pick this costume, i wanted to be pirate for my first Halloween. The price is very the omaigad lah i would say, sooo cheap. It's ridiculous. How lah they can sell this kind of things at a very ridiculous price.

They have dracula costume, devil costume, sailor costume, police costume, prisoner costume, caveman costume, you name it. They have everything. Just pick one. Or you can just buy the accessories like the fake blood, the make up, dracula's teeth.

Although Halloween is celebrated every 31st October, but the people started to dress up from the beginning of the Halloween week. So on 30th October, my roommate, my suitemate and my friends were dressing up and they were about to heading to downtown that night.

From the left, my suitemate Tavaris (Basic white girl named Emily), my roommate Austin (Risky businessman) and then you have me (your so called pirates of carib-mr-bean)

I was so excited coz this is the only chance i can see my roommate go to downtown, late at night. Did i tell you that my roommate is different ? Nope. I think i didn't. Yeah he is so different from other American male students. He is completely different. I will tell y'all more about him in other post. For this post, it is enough to know that he is different. So i don't want to miss this chance seeing him going out and having fun. I joined them and changed my clothes.

Ini orang kata pose patah tangan. 

Seeing my roommate went to downtown late at night was already historical enough. Then got this picture below taken, four of us in one picture, just added another historical moment in my America's journey.

Say hi to Garret, my another suitemate.
This is the people whom i stay with for one semester in GCSU

We are ready ! =D
Photo courtesy goes to Kaitlin Reedy

It was very fun. Spent my night with these people. Seeing my roommate did silly stuff.

From one bar to one bar, checking out other people's costumes, walking around doing nothing, then went back to dorm. It was freezing cold. I can't imagine how Austin can survived wearing those costume, no shoes and very little pants walking to downtown, i just can't.

On 31st of october, i got only one class. Some people wore their costumes to class. That is what i like about no dress code rule in university. Demi Halloween, sampai pergi kelas pon semangat dress up pelik-pelik tau.

Including my very beautiful professor who looks like Beyonce, dia pakai ala-ala bunny gitue. 

Halloween day was a very crazy day. You can see all people dressed up like crazy. Very the merrier lah.

Soo cute both wearing white =')

V stands for virgin for the Rocky Horrow Picture Show. If you google this movie on youtube, you can imagine how the movie looks like. They played the real movie on the projector, then the students who involved in this show, replicated what the actor and actress did in the movie. Plus, there were two narrator who made the movie even merrier. Very funny lah i would say. But sometimes i don't really understand what they talked about..

This is what happened before the show starts, it was crazzzzy =D

It was quite weird but it was a lot of fun. There was a lot of 18sx scene which is not suitable for kids to watch and also the narrator used a lot of curse words and sex words. I don't understand how can a university allowed this kind of show being watched by a thousand of students. I can't imagine if this was held in my home university. It is impossible i think. Only in America. 

But as i said, it was fun. Worth it lah you paid 7 dollar for this show. Worth it ke ? Entah lah.
With my very cute reindeer Tanvi and my i dont know what the costume respresents, i think a sexy stripper =)

Guess what i found under my seat ? A condom. I saw a lot of condoms under the seat. Welcome to America Zharif.

 My first Halloween was awesome ! A night to remember.


  1. Bebudak sini memang dedicated sangat kalau time Halloween. Mesti dressed up kalau pergi sekolah. Macam bebudak sekolah kau juga la.

    1. kann. menarik lah halloween bagi aku personally. Sebab itu lah masanya utk dress up tak ingat dunia =)

  2. Bersyukur dpt belajar di negara orang. But, there're a few things that you need to remember. Ingat Allah. Jangan mudah terpedaya dgn kehidupan barat yg boleh menyesatkan diri. Sentiasalah membawa imej Islam. Tunjukkan akhlak yg baik walaupun bergaul dgn org bukan islam. Jangan sesekali tinggal solat kerana itu tiang agama. Sentiasa menjaga pemakanan dan pergaulan. Hanya sedikit peringatan utk kita semua agar menjadi Hamba-Nya yg sentiasa Tawaduk. Moga Allah redha :)

  3. Take care abg zharif~ duk sana, moga iman makin sadoo!
    -junior kaa smktd

  4. topik yang menarik tapi tahukah bahawa awk sedang bergaul secara bebas dengan bukan mahram awk..berpelukan sana sini..Allah S.W.T tak suka semua tu..ingat ibu bapa, adik beradik awk...dan yang paling penting, ingat Allah S.W.T..maaflah jikalau awk tersinggung dengan teguran sy..cuma ini yang mampu sy lakukan...salam maulidur rasul Zharif..:)

    1. tak tersinggung pon =)
      terima kasih yea atas nasihat nya =)