Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Magnum Ice Cream

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone =)

I went to one of the Magnum franchise in Midvalley Kuala Lumpur on 9th of January. Dah semua dok canang sana sini pasal ais krim Magnum nie, iols sebagai village people yang sedang meningkat naik nie haruslah kena mengikut arus permodenan semasa. Kalau tak nanti, apa pulak kata jiran tetangga kan.

Surprisingly, at the time i went there, there was no long queue. Usually it takes time for you to order since the place always crowded with people. Alhamdulillah, perjalananku ketika hari itu dipermudahkan.

I went there with my best friend dunia akhirat yang tiada gantinya,

I'm not sure if Magnum franchise already scattered all around the world or only in Malaysia. I wasn't pay much attention on that. So need to google by yourself lah erk to know the fact. The special about this place is you can customize your very own Magnum. Put whatever toppings and types of chocolate you want. Isn't that cool ?

Or else, you can just order the one that is already on the menu. It is up to you. Your ice cream your choice. BTW, the price only 10 Ringgit Malaysia (Equal to 3 US Dollar).

Even rose petals pon they have tau, so many interesting toppings.

First, the ice cream maker will dip your ice cream into white/dark chocolate (your choice) to coat the ice cream. Then she will pick the toppings you chose or the one that already in the menu. Then all the topping will be put in a shaker and she will shake shake the shaker while singing Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. Pon boleh.

Once all the toppings get together (I don't know what sebati in English, help me), she will pour it onto the ice cream. Then your ice cream is ready to ngapp. Omnomnom !

While she make your Magnum ice cream, she will explain everything what she did, to you. But no worries, they cover their mouth with something that i don't know what to call. Better I call it, sediakan payung sebelum hujan.

Mine on the right. My friend's Magnum tasted better.

When your Magnum is ready, you don't feel like eating although you really want to. It's too beautiful to destroy it. Tak sampai hati weyh. Rasa macam nak frame-kan je bubuh kat dinding.

But first, let me take a selfie.

After 100 of selfies, then you can eat it peacefully. Finally.
But wait ! There is more. A picture while you were eating it also need to be taken.

For the sake of camera

So that was it. Yall should try it. At least once. It's worth it. BTW, Magnum has a lot to offer, it's not just an ice cream. It's more than that. It sells many types of dessert where Magnum Ice cream as it based. But it is so expensive. One Magnum ice cream is already fancy enough. Who need more ?

Okey, enough with Magnum ice cream. At this time, i was actually on my way back home. I was stayed at my home university for two days to settle about transferring credit hour and to meet my RAPAT Rangers. We were barbecuing and picnicking at The Nahara or known as Sungai Inki.

Curlasss sangat tau nama. Tak padan kedudukan di ceruk nama nak jugak fancy.

 With BBQ Masta. 

Muiz the water masta  

Catching up with classmates after one semester left them terkapai-kapai. Eh boleh macam tu ?
 Walaupon tak semua dapat hadir, tapi okey lah. 

Pandai semua berhenti buat kerja for the sake of camera

Credit should be given to my classmates who prepared and cooked all the dishes until 4 a.m.  

I just have to upload this Mira, it's hilarious ! =D 

Mandi makan mandi makan dan begitulah seterusnya for the next 4 hours.

This is what we called, close eyes posing. Ko ghase ? 

And that was the story behind that. Spent quality time with my classmates. So that was it untuk post kali nie. Jumpa lagi pada post akan datang. See ya !

Okey nak balik dah


  1. Assalamualaikum dik.. alamakk rindu akak nak outing camni.. lebih2 dengan kawan. ekekkeee. tunggu adam besar la baru dapat pergi mandi air sungai ke air terjun ke

    1. Waalaikumsalam kak sheila =)
      Adam dh besar dah tu. Dh boleh jalan sana sini ^___^

    2. Waalaikumsalam kak sheila =)
      Adam dh besar dah tu. Dh boleh jalan sana sini ^___^


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