Monday, November 25, 2013



Usually when I had two or three hours gap from one class to another class, I will go back to the college and stay in my room. I  will use that precious time to open Zalora website. Because only that time I could really use to do window shopping. Malam memang tak payah cakap lah, busy dengan segala jadah assignment, meeting and so on. Stress !

As everybody know, I love shopping very much. So what I found in Zalora website is RIVER ISLAND has a very good collection from head to toe. Seriously, it makes me gigit-gigit my kuku you know. I can't stand with all those temptation. I die already T__T Arghhhhh nak beli !! Since right now I don't have much money to buy those collection, I would like to mix and match the collection until it become a complete look. This mix and match look, I would named it as "OOTD I'm Hot !"

"OOTD I'm Hot !" is not stand for the typical OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) yang selalu orang hashtag dekat instagram tu, bukan. Nie upgrade punya version of OOTD. It stands for Ohh Ohh Tell Dem I'm Hot ! Curlasss tak nama ? This look is perfect for creating a stylish casual look. So let's begin with the top.

I choose this top because it looks cool and I would probably match it with skinny tight blue camden dark jeans.
Tide-in baju kemas-kemas and perfect !

It almost complete but not yet without shoes. I would complete the look by wearing white clean plimsolls.

And I would add some accessories to the look. I add holdall, belt and sunglasses to make it more stylish and vavavoom.

A very beautiful holdall 

A belt 

And a sunglasses

And with that, it complete my "OOTD I'm Hot !" look.

This is my "Ohh Ohh Tell Dem I'm Hot !" look

So what say you ? Yay or nay ?

All this item you can get at WWW.ZALORA.COM.MY . So what are you waiting for ? Go and get it , na na na na na na.. Dah kenapa tetibe lagu Selena Gomez bermain di sini pon aku tak faham -___-


" For those who still have no account at Zalora, please sign up. Use this voucher code to get 15% off. Remember ! This code is valid for new customer only. 
So sign up now and start shopping ! "

Seriously aku cakap, kalau aku dah start bukak Zalora punya website, memang susah aku nak tutup. Mesti sangkut 1 ke 2 jam macam tu. Sebab tu aku bukak siang je, kalau bukak malam, memang bye bye lah assignment aku semua. Confirm !

Okey see you on next post. See ya !


  1. Aku bukak 5 minit pastu scroll2 pastu tk tau nk buat apa pastu boring pastu tutup pastu .. hhaa

    1. maybe because you are not really interest with the fashion or dressing up thingy kot adi =D

  2. hahahahha u make my day boy! best blog ni.


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