Monday, November 25, 2013



Everyone knows that I love shopping very much. I found RIVER ISLAND brand in Zalora website. They have a very nice collection from head to toe. I feel like to put every pieces in the cart but i realize that i don't have much money to buy everything. So what can i do now is just to mix and match the collection for it to become a complete look. This mix and match look, I name it as "OOTD I'm Hot !". But before i reveal the look, don't forget to use this code when you make a purchase for the first time to enjoy 15% off. 

"OOTD I'm Hot !" is not the typical OOTD hashtag that we saw on instagram. This is the upgrade version of it. OOTD here stands for Ohh Ohh Tell Dem I'm Hot ! Gituhhhh

I choose this top because it looks cool and I would probably match it with skinny tight blue camden dark jeans.

I would complete the look by wearing white clean plimsolls.

I would also add some accessories to the look. I add holdall, belt and sunglasses to make it more stylish.

And by adding that, they completed my "OOTD I'm Hot !" look.

This is my "Ohh Ohh Tell Dem I'm Hot !" look

So what say you, yay or nay ?
All these items you may get from WWW.ZALORA.COM.MY 


  1. Aku bukak 5 minit pastu scroll2 pastu tk tau nk buat apa pastu boring pastu tutup pastu .. hhaa

    1. maybe because you are not really interest with the fashion or dressing up thingy kot adi =D

  2. hahahahha u make my day boy! best blog ni.