Thursday, March 31, 2016

AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2016 Press Conference

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone !

Selasa lalu, 29 March, telah berlangsung satu majlis press conference untuk program Air Asia Runway Ready Designer Search 2016. It was held at JW Marriot Hotel Kuala Lumpur. I got the invitation last week, and terus RSVP cakap boleh hadir sedangkan ada dua kelas kot pada hari Selasa.

Thank God, all my classes for the day were cancelled. Yeay !

So basically this press conference is to announce the judges and to give coverage about the competition. So that aspiring designers out there will aware about this competition and they could use this platform to showcase their talents. Last year, the designer search was a successful and this year is gonna be huge and better because it's not only for Malaysians, it goes regional with the competition expanded to include Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Philippine.

This designer search is collaborated with Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear (KLFW RTW) for the second time. It was launched by the Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia Berhad, Ms Aireen Omar, together with Mr Andrew Tan, Founder of KLFW RTW. They are also will be the judges for the competition, together with Vivy Yusof (The owner of renowned fashion e-commerce site, Alia Bastamam (Top fashion designer), and Suzie Adnan (Editor-in-chief of GLAM magazine).

This designer search competition will foster new talents and giving these designers opportunity to present their collection and creativity on a professional runway. It is open to local or international students, 28 years of age or below, and currently studying or have graduated from fashion design schools in any of the five countries included in this search. Three women's ready-to-wear sketches inspired by Asean destinations are to be submitted with the complete registration form available at . Submission deadline is by 12 April 2016.

Mark this date people !

Jakarta, Indonesia - 16 April
Manila, Philippine - 23 April
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 30 April
Singapore - 7 May
Bangkok, Thailand - 14 May

So tunggu apa lagi ? Siapa yang rasa diri dia memenuhi kriteria yang dicari dan mempunyai bakat dalam designing clothes, you guys should go the audition. It is time to show your talent and be known in the fashion industry !

The event started with an energetic performance from the dancers. Hebat sungguh depa menari. Aku yang tengah duduk rasa macam nak buat gesture hands in the air je. Tapi nasib baiklah majlis formal. So agak behave sedikit lah. Lepastu ada sedikit kata-kata aluan from Ms Aireen and Mr Andrew. Then sesi perkenalkan the judges and Q&A session.

Frankly speaking, I felt a lil bit awkward sitting in the room with other fashion and beauty bloggers, as i'm not identified myself as a fashion blogger, nor that i know well about fashion. So i have no idea what to expect or what to wear. I even asked the person from AirAsia who contacted me through email about what is "Runway Ready" looks like because it was the dresscode for the event.

Runway Ready means to look fashionable for the occasion.

So yeah. Silly me for not really up to date with "words".

I also asked them whether or not i can bring companion to the event. Hahahaha. Thank God they allowed me and RSVP my friend as well for the event. Kalau tak, mereput aku kat situ. Senang sikit ada si Parisah nie, sebabnya boleh jadi tukang ambik gambar aku and sekaligus aku boleh menggunakan perkhidmatan iphone nya untuk mengambil gambar. Tak payah lah aku bawak ke sana ke mari kamera gedang aku tu. Malas ya ampun nak bawak kamera berat-berat.

This picture may only have one, but how many times i refilled the plate, you have no idea. 

I always look forward to attend any events. One thing for sure is because of the food. Zharif is known as raja lahap nombor satu. It was no longer a secret. And also because of the goodies bag. It's like Christmas. Yeay !

So, that was pretty much about it. It was such a good experience mingling with all the fashionistas and other bloggers as well. I'm looking forward for more event like this in the future. You may count me in.

It was my second time in JW Marriot Hotel Kuala Lumpur and the ambiance never failed to amaze me. 

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