Saturday, December 21, 2013

3 tahun umurnya


I was supposed to post this on 16th December but i don't know how, I forgot it. But never mind.

I just want to wish a happy belated birthday to the one and only, Jejakakaula. You are 3 years old now, I'm so proud for having you. Remember the day you was born on 16 December 2010, that time your Tuan just finished his last paper for SPM, Al-Quran dan Sunnah. That time you was so freaking ugly and i still remember your early posts were as dumb as Mr Bean.

I hope you will keep entertain the reader/s out there and also will be more active after this. I'm as your Tuan will keep taking care of you, will feeding you with new post so that you will not be tulang-temulang like your Tuan. I also will give you a new "look", but I am really sorry coz i can't give you a new look right now since i am busy preparing for the exam. Preparing ke masalahnya ? Tuihh sikit. But don't worry, your "look" is already look like Doutzen Kroes. Isn't she beautiful ? Wait ! Now I'm confused, are you a girl or a boy Jejakakaula ? OMG you got gender confusion ke ? Goshhhhh why i don't know this X__X

So let me decide, you are a boy Jejakaula and that is final. After 3 years having you and only now your Tuan decide your gender ? What Tuan was that ? Fired him !

Look how you evolved from the beginning of the penubuhan until lah header yang sekarang nie

I just hope you will stay healthy and panjang umur, don't worry i will give medication to you in case you feel sick or something. Just tell me if you fall sick okey. No, i won't send you to the hospital, i know you are scared of needle just like your Tuan. Maybe that is why your Tuan never derma darah until now. Pardon me. I will find another method to cure you, maybe by asking your pakcik Google what penyakit you get. If pakcik Google also don't know, i will try asking makcik Mozilla pulak kay. Kbye.

But Jejakakaula, I'm really sorry coz i couldn't find a partner to you since I'm as your Tuan also forever alone. So i think we have the same faith. But don't worry, sooner or later we will get one. Nanti wedding reception semua i masuk sini boleh dakk ? Please jadi penaja i tau =P

I don't have a cake for you like last year (CLICK) because this year i don't have much budget so accept jelah erk apa adanya. BTW, next month on 29 of January your Tuan's birthday pulak, jangan purak-purak lupa naaa.... I will turn 21 next year, time flies so fast i wish i could stop it. I feel old -___-


" I wish you once again a happy belated birthday Jejakaula, stay amazing, stay handsome like your Tuan, stay humble and i want you to stayyyyyyyyyy.... 
Terus pasang lagu Rihanna, motif sangat -__- "

Alhamdulillah semalam telah selesai satu Majlis Amal Makan Malam yang mana sangat merunsingkan saya sejak dua menjak nie. Will update bout it soon, now i try to collect all the photos from everybody whose in charge in taking photos that night =)

Yang baik datang dari Allah, yang jahat tetap datang dari syaiton nirrajim.

See ya !


  1. happy belated bufday jejakakaula . hahahha :p

    1. Jejakakaula pesan pada saya, dia mintak hadiah. acano tu ? hahahha
      tenQ ^^

  2. Tahniah Jejakakaula.... Semoga berterusan semangatnya dalam berbicara (Y)

  3. haha tahniah, happy birthday to you blog :)

  4. 3 tahun bukanlah masa yang lama. Panjang lagi perjalanan yg perlu diteruskan. Nasihat aku, baiki kelemahan dan kekurangan, bina kosa kata yang menarik, penulisan x terlalu merapu dan menyakitkan hati mana2 pihak. Be a neutral blogger despite one side person. Gud luck n happy blogging!

  5. Happy belated birthday jejakakayla.. adik, keep writing tau.. ahkak nak baca sokmo ok ;)


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